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Which of these twins got a skinboost from Restylane?

Which of these twins got a skinboost from Restylane?

Galderma, the parent company of Restylane launched a global campaign called Proof in Real Life with Sharon Stone as its global ambassador.

The campaign saw ten sets of identical twins take part in a unique challenge: one twin from each pair received a bespoke treatment plan which consisted of treatments with Restylane fillers, Restylane Skinboosters, or a combination of both.


The twins took part in a live reveal to demonstrate the natural-looking results first-hand and challenge the wide-spread misconception that aesthetic treatments create extreme results. Despite some initial skepticism from some of the twins, 100 per cent of those untreated are now considering treatments for themselves.

Says Dr Allen Huang, an expert and one of the pioneers in using Restylane Skinboosters in Taiwan, “People are opting for non-invasive procedures as it has minimal or almost no downtime. This is especially important for patients who do not want people to know what they did, yet be able to see the difference. Restylane Skinboosters does not give you the volume effect but rather, it gives you the true hydration that you need for your skin.


”Having invented exclusive techniques of Restylane Skinboosters for facial hydro-lifting and rejuvenation, Dr Huang, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Charming Beauty clinic in Taipei, one of the most well known cosmetic and aesthetic clinics in Taiwan, uses Restylane Skinboosters for full-face hydration, back of hands, neck and décolletage. “After receiving the Restylane Skinboosters treatment, you will feel that your skin is smoother and it is easier to apply make up afterwards. It also gives you a natural glow on your face that people will notice but can’t quite figure
out what you’ve done!”

Written by Pearlin Siow

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