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Vein Treatment

Vein Treatment

For medical education- NSFE. Those of you who like blackhead extractions may also like this procedure, because there is a feeling of completeness and accomplishment after doing sclerotherapy (sclero for short), which is the treatment of spider veins.
Sclero is the gold standard, the best treatment for spider veins esp on the lower extremities. Blood vessels on the face are more likely treated with laser, such as the Vbeam Perfecta.
In this video, I use polidocanol to treat her veins. This is a detergent/soap which i inject into the spider veins causing the vein walls to get sticky and stick together/close. After treatment it’s important to wear compression hose to keep vessels closed so your body absorbs/eliminates them.
I known I’m in the vein because as I inject, the vessel disappears, but then the vein gets irritated and as it’s healing it darkens so you are not ready to show off your legs immediately after treatment. Multiple treatments (usu between 2-4) may be necessary depending on the number and size of spider veins.

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