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SMILE teeth whitening

Want a brighter, whiter smile? Teeth whitening Singapore clinics can help. A few sessions with the dentist can help remove stains or discoloration from smoking, drinking coffee, tea or wine, or even ageing.

What to expect at your appointment

Your dentist will examine your teeth to see the extent of the discoloration and spot any dental problems that can affect the success of your treatment. For example, cavities need to be fixed first, because whitening solutions can penetrate any weak or decayed spots and reach the inner tooth. Gum problems can also make your teeth sensitive. He may take photos of your teeth in order to document your progress.

You will also be given a prophylaxis or teeth cleaning, or similar teeth polishing Singapore treatments. This will smoothen the surface of your teeth and remove any build up. That will already make a big difference – even before the very first whitening session!

Types of teeth whitening Singapore treatments

In general, there are two kinds of treatments: vital whitening (done on teeth that have nerves) and non-vital whitening (done on teeth that no longer have live nerves, perhaps after a root canal).

In vital whitening, your dentist will protect your gums with a special substance then apply a bleaching gel on your teeth. This gel may be further activated by light or lasers for faster results.  The entire session will take an average of one hour to an hour and a half, but you may need several sessions to remove all the stains. It depends on how many stains you have, and what could have caused them. Your dentist may give you a kit that lets you continue bleaching at home until you return for your next session.

In non-vital whiteng, the dentist has to treat stains that are inside the tooth that are causing it to appear yellow. He will apply a bleaching agent inside and then cover it with a temporary filling.

Results and effectiveness

While teeth whitening is generally effective, stains can return. You can maintain your teeth’s color with whitening toothpastes, ask your dentist for a custom-made mouthpiece and bleaching agent you can use at home, or return for a re-whitening treatment.


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