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Hair Removal & Waxing

Hair Removal & Waxing

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GROOMING hair removal&waxing

Hair Removal is about temporarily or permanently removing unwanted hair on the body such as the arms and legs. Many people wax or do a permanent hair removal for beauty or vanity reasons.

One of the common hair removal treatments is laser hair removal. For those that are unhappy to shave or wax religiously, laser hair removal can be your answer. There are many benefits to laser hair removal. It does not damage your skin while extracting the course hair and most patients will have permanent hair loss after three to six sessions.

When booking a doctor’s appointment, you should not wax , shave or trim approximately five to six weeks before going for the hair removal session. You should also reduce any sun exposure to your skin as it makes the hair removal treatment less effective and can result complications afterwards.

Waxing is more of a temporary hair removal which last for three to six weeks before you need to go for another waxing session. It is also a cheaper alternative for laser hair removal. The down side of hair waxing is that it can be the cause of ingrown hair.



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