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SMILE veneers

Veneers – thin porcelain sheets that fit over a tooth — can help make a chipped tooth look whole, or close small gaps in case you decide against braces. It can also help hide the discoloration of a single tooth (if you’d like an overall brighter smile, consider teeth whitening). A good dentist in Singapore can help you decide if veneers are your best option for your particular case.

How do veneers work?

Veneers are a quick way to fix small dental problems and make your teeth look natural and healthy. Your dentist will polish some of the tooth surface so that the veneer can be properly attached, but otherwise there is no discomfort. Your dentist will just take a plaster impression or mould of your tooth, and then have the veneer made according to the size of your tooth and the shade of the surrounding teeth. In your next visit, your dentist will bond the veneer to the tooth with a special adhesive.

Results and effectiveness

In the hands of a very good dentist in Singapore, veneers look completely natural! They also last for many years, though like your own teeth there is always a chance that they can be chipped. Your dentist can repair the veneer or replace it with new veneer teeth.

Find a good dentist in Singapore

Always go to a licensed, experienced and professional dentist for any kind of dental treatment. Look through Aesthetics & Beauty’s directory to find a teeth veneer Singapore clinic nearest you. You can also ask friends for recommendations, especially if you need specific treatments like veneers, braces, or root canals.

Many people are afraid of dentists because of past experiences of pain or discomfort during a dental treatment. Don’t worry – there have been many advances in dentistry, and many treatments are more comfortable and effective than you may have remembered them to be! Talk to your dentist about any concerns you may have. He may help allay fears and make you feel more comfortable about the procedures you need.

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