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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

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SMILE root canal

A root canal is a common dental procedure. It can help fix or save an infected or decaying tooth. The name of this treatment comes from the hollow area inside the center of the tooth, which is filled with pulp and nerves. If this soft tissue becomes damaged, bacteria starts to build up, causing pain and even pus around the roots. Your dentist will clean this out and seal it, preventing the area around it from being infected. That is why root canal treatment Singapore dentists recommend having one right away – as unpleasant as the procedure may sound, it’s necessary to prevent any further pain.

What can happen if you don’t get a root canal? 

Left untreated, an infected tooth can cause swelling not just in the mouth but areas like the face, neck or head. You may also experience bone loss at the tip of the root, and if a hole develops at the side of the tooth, the pus may drain into the gums or the skin.

Signs you need a root canal

The root can become irritated or infected due to very deep cavity, a crack or a chip, or an injury to the face.  You will first notice this as a painful and unrelenting toothache, or sharp pain whenever the tooth (or even that side of the face) is touched. Your gums may swell or develop a small bump or pimple, and you may notice the tooth is discolored. These symptoms can also indicate other teeth or gum problems, so visit a dentist Singapore clinic to find out what the real cause is.

Root Canal Treatment Singapore: what to expect

In your first visit, your dentist will examine your teeth to diagnose the problem. He will ask for an X-ray which will show the shape of your teeth and reveal any infection. During the actual root canal, he will  give you local anesthesia to numb the area then drain the area of saliva.

Since you will be under anesthesia you will not notice any of the following steps: he will drill a hole into the tooth, then clean out the decayed tissue and debris with a small file. He will flush the area with water or sodium hypochlorite. Some will seal the tooth, others will place medicine first to clear infection and then place a temporary filling before sealing it at the next appointment.  You may also need further dental treatments to restore the tooth, especially if it is severely decayed or weakened.

Visit a dentist Singapore clinic for more information.

  • Root Canal Treatment

    A root canal has to be performed if the dental nerve (Latin: Pulpa) has died and/or is infected. The objective of a root canal is to complet...


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  • Root Canal

    Root Canal Treatment

    A root canal has to be performed if the dental nerve (Latin: Pulpa) has died and/or is infected. The objective of a root canal is to completely remove the destroyed tissue (which m...
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