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FITNESS Piloxing

If you’re bored by the idea of endless dumb bell presses and cycles on the treadmill, consider taking a Piloxing Singapore class. This fitness trend has been described as a way to “get in shape by unleashing your inner Rocky while feeling like you’re in a scene from Flashdance.” Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Hilary Duff have named Piloxing as one of their favorite workouts.

What is Piloxing?

Piloxing is essentially interval training, which brings together boxing, dance, and standing Pilates. It maintains 145 beats a minute and often uses hand weights for extra resistance. It’s a very intense workout, but if you have attended a Zumba class Singapore before, you will probably enjoy this as well.  The dance often uses dance and club music and incorporates salsa, ballet, hiphop, and some boxing movements. Class energy is usually very high and interactive as both the instructor and the students encourage each other on.

History of Piloxing        

This fitness approach was developed by Swedish dancer and celebrity trainer Viveca Jensen. She was a former dancer (she obtained a Master’s in Dance and trained with the Stockholm Ballet) and Pilates instructor. She decided to combine both her passions with cutting edge science and research on the best way to burn fat and build lean muscle. In many interviews she has said that she wanted women to se themselves as both powerful and sexy. The playful dance moves are fun but challenging, and can sculpt and tone the body while developing grace and flexibility.

Find a Piloxing Singapore class

This fitness trend is offered by many gyms and wellness centres around Singapore.  You’ll be able to find a class with a schedule that suits you, or is conveniently located near your home or office. You can also alternative piloxing with your other workouts, just to give you variety and get you out of an exercise rut.



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