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Lash Extensions & Treatments

Lash Extensions & Treatments

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GROOMING Lash Extensions Treatments

Eye Lash Extension is very popular among the Asian Community. This is because the Asian Community does not naturally have full and thick eyelashes. However, many Asians crave for these lashes as it enhances one’s look beautifully.Lash extensions can be done in any eyelash salon where each individual lash that consist of synthetic , mink or silk lashes are glued on top of your natural lashes.

Eyelash Extensions last for approximately three to four weeks before one needs to go for another session. If not, the eyelashes will naturally drop.

The pros of getting eyelash extensions is that one does not have to invest in mascaras or put on faux lashes. It also makes one look younger and fresher without having any makeup on.  Getting eyelash extensions do not ruin the health of one’s lashes if it is taken care of properly.

The cons of getting eye lash extensions is that it is high maintenance because it gets quite tedious to remove eye makeup. Therefore, makeup wipes are a must.

Getting eye lash extensions can be addictive as you will always love looking at your eyes with full and fluttery lashes. Aesthetic and Beauty definitely recommends getting eyelash extensions if you have an event coming up such as a wedding , company event or a party !

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    I will ALWAYS advise professional training for eyelash extensions, this video has been created to share with other Lash Techs & for clients...


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