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Hair and Scalp Treatments

Hair and Scalp Treatments

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HAIR scalp problems

Hair & Scalp Treatments are the only type of treatment that cleanse and relieve excess oils,dryness, impurities or chronic skin conditions on the scalp. They help to improve the health of your scalp by unclogging and stimulating hair follicles which allow for better hair growth.

If one have a serious scalp condition like split ends , excessive dry flakes cascading off when you scratch your head and a serious dandruff condition, visit a doctor. If it is a subtle condition, a scalp treatment can be accessible anywhere such as a scalp treatment at a hair salon helps to increase the blood flow to your head and release hormones that improves your mood and de-stress.

A regular visit to the hair salon for a scalp treatment will impart shine to the hair , helps prevent any breakage , reduces frizziness, softens and nourish hair strand as well as enhances curl/ coil quality, helps prevent drying hair shaft and maintains a m moisture balance in the hair for a good elasticity.

The specifics of a scalp treatment depend on whether one has a dry scalp or an oily scalp. For a dry scalp, the treatment would consist of a conditioner or a hot oil treatment and/or application of heat therapies.

If the treatment is designed to treat oily scalp or acne breakouts on the scalp, it may contain liquid astringents and/or medicated creams or cleansing agents to open blocked pores and promote circulation.

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