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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

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SMILE dental implants

If you’ve lost a tooth or several teeth because of disease or injury, you can opt for a Dental Implants Singapore treatment. Your dentist can place an artificial tooth root into your jaw, which can then keep a replacement tooth or bridge in place.

Types of Dental Implants

The most common implant is endosteal (or “in the bone”). It already holds artificial teeth and is held in place by screws, cylinders or blades. Dentists usually recommend this for patients who have bridges or dentures.

If you are unable to wear dentures, or your particular bone height can’t hold an endosteal implant, your dentist will use a subperiosteal (or “on the bone”) implant. He will place posts through the gum to hold the artificial teeth that are placed directly on the gums.

Are you a good candidate for dental implants?

Your dentist will examine your gums and bones to see if you can have this procedure. In general, you will need to be in good health, with enough bone to hold the implant in place, and healthy gums. If you have any gum disease, your dentist may treat this before proceeding with the surgery.

 Find a dental implants Singapore clinic

It’s important to go to a licensed, experienced dentist who you are comfortable with. For these types of procedures, he may work with a periodontist who will decide how and where you will need the implant. For example, if you need to replace one tooth, you will need an implant and a crown. If you need to replace several (or even all) your teeth, you may need bridges and a full denture.

It can be more difficult to place implants in some areas of the jaw – either because they have less bone (like the upper back) or of some deformities. Your dental team may need to do a sinus augmentation or ridge modification. Like all dental treatments Singapore protocol, they will discuss this with you before they go on with the surgery.

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