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Body Contouring & Sculpting

Body Contouring & Sculpting

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Body contouring is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. The two most popular body contouring Singapore techniques are ultrasound and cold energy (also called cryolipolysis), which break down fat cells either through sound waves or fat-freezing while keeping surrounding tissue intact. Both are outpatient procedures, and have great success rate around the world. Note that mesotherapy or injections has not received FDA approval as a body contouring technique.

Benefits of Body Contouring 

Body contouring is very effective at slimming down the abdomen, back, flanks and thighs. No incision is needed, so there is less discomfort and minimum downtime. You may experience some redness and numbness, but this subsides very quickly.

You may need more than one session to get the desired results. It depends on your particular case, and the part of the body which you want to address.

Body contouring vs Liposuction

This procedure is better for mild to moderate pockets of fat in localized areas. For example, you’re in relatively good shape, but have some stomach flab that you find very difficult to burn. If you would like a more dramatic fat reduction, and it would take several sessions to accomplish this, you may want to consider liposuction or another kind of slimming treatment in Singapore.

What to ask your body contouring Singapore doctor

Your doctor will customize a body contouring program for you, depending on your body shape and slimming goals. It’s important to find someone you’re comfortable with, and has the education and experience. Ask how many cases he has handled, what kind of results you can expect, and the risks and recovery based on your particular case and medical condition. You should also ask about the expected costs, especially if you will be needing multiple sessions, and when you will be able to see visible results.

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