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Anti Ageing Treatment

Anti Ageing Treatment

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It’s never to early to look for a good anti ageing treatment! Our skin actually starts ageing in our late twenties. Collagen production drops, our cell renewal process slows down, and UV damage from sun exposure starts to show. Stress, late nights, and crash diets also take their toll on our skin. Long before our first wrinkle, our skin already starts to show dullness, dryness, discoloration, and dark circles under our eyes.  That’s why we need a good, solid skin treatment to address these early signs of ageing.

Find the right anti ageing treatment for you

  • Wrinkle Fillers reduce the signs of aging skin by plumping up the skin and making our skin firmer and moredefined while minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. Effects last for an average of three to six months.
  • Botox and collagen injections temporarily smooth out frown lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles on the forehead and around the mouth. It can smooth out the “pin cushion” look in chins, and also make the neck appear firmer.
  • Anti-ageing facials can temporarily plump the skin through an infusion of moisturizers. While the results are not as dramatic or long-lasting as injections and fillers, the facials are a great complement to the skin treatment you use at home. This is an excellent skin treatment to start when you are younger, and would like to get a headstart on your anti-ageing regimen.
  • Non-invasive technology Many Singapore aesthetics clinics also offer radiofrequency or laser treatments that can stimulate collagen production and help make face look firmer and more contoured. While you may need several sessions, they can simultaneously address many other issues aside from wrinkles, including hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.
  • Surgery is still the most dramatic and permanent anti ageing skin treatment. A facelift can look very flattering and natural when done by a skilled and experienced aesthetics surgeon.



  • Anti-Ageing Treatment

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