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Get natural-looking eyelash extensions at Eye Design

Get natural-looking eyelash extensions at Eye Design

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What would you like to do this weekend: get a much-needed beauty treatment, or escape into a luxe and relaxing spa? Devonshire Somerset branch lets you do both.

The prestigious Singapore beauty salon offers grooming services like haircuts, scalp massages and eyelash extensions, but its ambiance makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a hotel. You leave feeling pretty and pampered – exactly the way weekends should be spent.

Comfort, class, and convenience

Devonshire Somerset branch is conveniently located minutes away from Somerset Station and Orchard Road. But despite being in one of the busiest parts of the city, it wraps you in an atmosphere of elegance and serenity the moment you step through its doors. You are greeted by warm lights, relaxing music, and a complimentary cup of tea. The friendly staff helps you select the service you want. Within this salon, you conveniently find The Cottage (which specializes in hair coloring), Eye Design (which offers eyelash extensions, and Tiara Nail.

Your morning beauty routine will never be the same

All women know the trouble and time it takes to do eye makeup. Every morning we apply eyeliner, curling lashes, apply mascara (and sometimes even mascara primer!), and then remove clumps with a brush. Then we have to pray that the mascara lasts the whole day, and doesn’t end up smudging into the dreaded “raccoon eyes” halfway through the day.

Eye Design immediately simplifies the morning makeup routine. It uses quality eyelash extensions from Japan, which is precisely applied to create very full and natural-looking lashes. You can ask them to focus on just your upper or lower lashes, where you can choose between a natural look or go for dramatic volume. You can opt for the signature “Airy” lash, made from patented thin lashes that are just 0.05 mm, and further split into up to 6 strands. These are so light and thin that you can have very full lash that still looks natural and feels comfortable.

With Eye Design, you wake up with beautiful, well-defined eyes. You can skip eyeliner and mascara – your makeup routine can be as simple as applying face powder and lip gloss. In just one minute, you’re ready to go out the door and face the world.

The safest way to do eyelash extensions

You may be concerned that eyelash extensions will weaken or damage your natural lashes. At Eye Design, all extensions are carefully applied 2mm above the root. Plus, all eyelashes services are done by specially trained experts.

The lash of luxury

Many salons offer lash extensions, but only Eye Design at Devonshire Somerset branch Cottage provides a luxury lash extension. From your experience in the salon (the interiors, the service, and the sense of being pampered) to the kind of lashes used and the way it’s applied, customers feel the difference. You can feel it too.

Want to try Eye Design?

Schedule your appointment at Devonshire Somerset Eye Design at 113 Devonshire Road. Call +65 6334-7898 or SMS +65 9232-3376.


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