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Singaporean Women More Open About Plastic Surgery

Singaporean Women More Open About Plastic Surgery

singapore plastic surgery

Singaporean attitudes towards plastic surgery and other aesthetic procedures are changing. In an interview with Yahoo Singapore, Singapore aesthetics doctors said that 8 out of 10 Singaporean women will have some kind of procedure done to their face or bodies.

What is interesting is that these women are very young (between ages 20 and 25) and are very open about having something done. They don’t have any qualms about talking about their recent nose job or fillers. In fact, many will compare notes on Singapore aesthetics clinics: where they had it done, who did it, how much it cost. Many will post their before and after pics on social media – proud of their new body, confident that they will not be judged by peers. The stigma associated with plastic surgery has disappeared. If you want it, and can afford it, why not?

And it’s really not surprising, when you see how openly aesthetics procedures are discussed by celebrities, beauty vloggers, magazines and on their own Twitter and Youtube feeds. Kpop stars like Shin Dong and Kyu-Hyun have admitted to double eyelid surgery; Kim Hyun Joong has spoken candidly about his nose job. Reality TV and social media stars  even chronicle their journey – Heidi Montag tweeted expensively throughout her 10-procedure journey, which included a breast augmentation and a mini brow lift. Locally, Singapore pageant queen Peggy Heng blogged about her surgical facial makeover.

Singapore aesthetics doctors also said that their clients are also more informed and specific about what they want. They don’t say, “Make me beautiful” – they do prior research and mention particular treatments.

This new generation of confident, affluent and informed Singaporean women have turned plastic surgery from a “hush-hush” topic into a straightforward investment in their looks.

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