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Regain Your Hairline

Regain Your Hairline

This new treatment utilises 6HD embroidery (usually reserved for eyebrows) to cover hair loss and mimic real hair – safely and almost painlessly! We find out more about this revolutionary treatment from Eileen Seah, creative director of Paramedic Aesthetics.

Eileen Seah, Creative Director
Eileen Seah, Creative Director


  1. What treatments do you offer for bald spots and hair loss problems?

Trained technicians at Paramedic Aesthetics are able to perform hairline reconstructions for men and women that can mask the effects of hair loss. Our treatments use natural iron oxide pigments to create a natural look that is indistinguishable from your natural hairline. Using a topical anaesthetic, the pain is likely to be manageable even for those with a low pain tolerance.

  1. What is 6HD and how does 6HD embroidery actually work? And how is it different from conventional eyebrow tattooing?

The latest in semi-permanent makeup, 6HD Reconstruction is the most advanced offering available in the market today, where each stroke mimics the natural appearance and direction of growth of every individual strand of hair. This process involves the introduction of natural iron oxide pigments into the epidermis via a special embroidery needle, and every shade is custom blended to perfectly match your natural shading. The pigments are manufactured in a sterile lab free of free floating microbes, ensuring none of the pigments will ever be at risk of contamination. The 6HD reconstruction procedure involves creating up to six layers of fine, short strokes into the skin, ensuring a guaranteed natural look with no obvious gaps. It is far less painful compared to conventional tattooing and the pigment does not fade into an unnatural hue.

  1. How are these treatments different from those at tattoo parlours?

At Paramedic Aesthetics, we do not use regular tattoo machines. Instead, we use Biotouch Mosaic machines developed and manufactured by Biotouch, a world leader in permanent and semi- permanent makeup and makeup services based in the United States. The Biotouch Mosaic machine is lighter than most standard tattoo machines and allow for much greater accuracy and sensitivity during application. It utilises a unique up-and-down motion in the application of pigment instead of the zig-zag motion characteristic of regular tattoo machines.

Compared to regular tattoo machines, the up-and-down motion ensures higher precision, which results in less trauma to the skin and allows treatments to be performed on sensitive areas such as the lips or eyes.

  1. What are the inks made of?

Instead of synthetic inks, Biotouch Mosaic utilises pigments that contain microscopic iron oxide particles that are more easily absorbed into the skin and provide stronger, more long-lasting colour.

  1. What does it feel like?

The client’s experience may seem similar to getting a tattoo at first. However, because of the needle’s in-and-out motion, the procedure is more precise and less damaging to the skin compared to a regular tattooing procedure, which means that the client should feel less pain and discomfort than when getting a tattoo. Because the needles are very small and also move very quickly, the sensation is more like a dull burning feeling rather than a sharp pain like when one is being injected with a needle. Of course, the pain level will depend on the actual area where the procedure is being performed; it will be more painful on areas which are closer to the bone and have more nerve endings, than areas which have more fat. Prior to the procedure, local and topical anaesthetics such as numbing cream are available to alleviate pain if needed.

  1. What precautions should I take after a treatment?

Most clients see results immediately. There may be some post-treatment discomfort, which can be reduced by after-care products such as those that contain aloe vera gel. Clients should take care not to apply makeup to the treated areas until they are completely healed, which should take between five and 10 days. They should also avoid places with steam such as saunas and spas. Swimming pools, jacuzzis or any baths with chlorine water should also be avoided.

  1. How much does the treatment cost?

Hairline restoration costs from $1288 per section depending on the size of area to be treated.

  1. What other treatments does Paramedic Aesthetics offer?

We offer specialised reconstructive cosmetic treatments such as areola reconstruction for mastectomy patients, concealment of light patches in dormant vitiligo, as well as 6HD eyebrow embroidery and lip embroidery. Our trained technicians also assist with correcting botched embroidery treatments and/or tattoos that clients have received elsewhere.


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