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Reduce Your Eye Bags With A Single 10-Minute Laser Treatment

Reduce Your Eye Bags With A Single 10-Minute Laser Treatment

eye bags removal Singapore

Eye bags aren’t caused by lack of sleep and whilst those cucumber slices and tea bags may offer you some comfort, they won’t make them go away forever. We explore some of the causes of eye bags, options you can consider, including eye bags removal Singapore treatments like surgical blepharoplasty and a non-invasive option called NILER.

What causes eyebags?

Eye bags can be genetically linked although the majority are due to aging which causes them to become more prominent as we grow older. The tissues and muscles that support our eyelids become weak, and the fat around the eyes start to move downwards.
In other words, eye bags are caused by two issues: sagging skin and fat.

eye bags removal Singapore

Do eye bag creams and remedies work?

These remedies only give limited or temporary results. Anti-ageing creams can help make the skin firmer, but won’t break down the fat deposits. Tea bags and cucumber slices will reduce puffiness, but won’t restore muscle tone and collagen.

What eye bags removal Singapore options do I have?

If you’re considering long term solutions, you can opt for eye bags removal at a Singapore clinic. Options include traditional surgical Blepharoplasty, fillers to conceal the mild cases, as well the use of an interstitial laser as in the NILER procedure.

• Surgical. Blepharoplasty involves making surgical incisions along the eyelids to remove or reposition fat. The procedure takes up to three hours, and swelling and bruising may last from 1 to 3 weeks. Patients have also reported downtime and discomfort from 2 to 4 weeks.

• Non surgical. NUU Aesthetics offers a non-surgical alternative called NILER or non-incisional laser eyebag rejuvenation. Dr. Chew pioneered this eye bag removal Singapore treatment in 2008, first using the SmartLipo fibre optic laser system. Since then, he has refined the technique even further, using more powerful machines like the Accusculpt laser.

eye bags removal singapore

What are some benefits of a NILER eyebag rejuvenation?

• It is fast. The NILER procedure takes 5 to 10 minutes.

• It is effective. This eyebag rejuvenation technique addresses the real cause of eye bags: sagging skin and fat. The laser breaks down the fat cells at a frequency that leaves surrounding tissues intact. It also encourages the skin to produce more collagen, so skin becomes firmer and more toned.

• It has less down time. Swelling and bruising lasts just a few days.

• It is safe. NUU clinic has performed NILER countless of times in the last 7 years, with great success.

Find out more about the NILER treatment here.   Call (65) 6732 9989 to arrange for a personal consultation with Dr Chew to find out more about this procedure.

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