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Recharge your skin with Asia Beauty

Recharge your skin with Asia Beauty




SKIN ORIGIN Penta Peptides is a chain of amino acids that works at the cellular level and transforms skin with less abrasiveness.


The peptides possess unique characteristics as they are small active molecules capable of mimicking a specific role to heal the skin through naturally occurring proteins.

The amino acids and peptides bonds used to create Penta Peptides are 100 percent naturally produced and they are the building blocks of all the proteins created daily in the body. As these peptides are small versions of naturally occurring proteins, they will not create any allergic or sensitivity reactions.
They also promote the skin’s physiological responses such as increasing collagen production, controlling acne and reducing pigmentation.

We find out from Mary Chen, general manager of Asia Beauty, on how you can repair dry and damaged skin.

What is the main reason for skin to be dry and aged?
There are several contributing factors to dry and aged skin, one main reason is the decrease in cell metabolism rate resulting in weak and broken collagen and elastin.

How can we repair the skin?
We can repair the skin through the use of peptides to reduce the fibre fragmentation and notably support the reconstruction of the papillary dermal fibre network. Our award winner 3D Essence has this high level of peptides which can prevent further damage by strengthening the collagen and elastin.


What are Peptides and how do they benefit skin?
Peptides are proteins composed of naturally occurring chain of amino acids that have high moisture binding agents and the ability to help skin repair itself. Peptides also stimulate the collagen production, and hence slow down the process of dry and ageing skin.

Who is this product suitable for?
This product is suitable for any skin that needs immediate moisture, suffers from lines and wrinkles, sensitive with low elasticity and skin that is dry and damaged.

What is the best way to use this product?
This product is most effective when used daily for both day and night for a consecutive period of two to three months. You may combine it with either Hydra Plus or Peptides complex moisturizer for optimum results.

What results are expected?
You will see an immediate increase in your moisture level, the texture of your skin becomes more refined and smooth, and your skin structure strengthened and improved.

EDITOR REVIEW by Pearlin Siow



Facial treatment at Glitz Beauty
Glitz Beauty is a cosy beauty salon tucked away on Telok Kurau road. Salon owner, Christina, greeted me warmly as I entered and quickly ushered me into the treatment room to change and get ready for my facial.
After a quick assessment, she told me that I have sensitive skin and reassured me that the SkinOrigin products that she will be using for my Fibro3 Peptides facial are made from plant enzymes and peptides, and are gentle and suitable for my skin type.


Treatment process:


Christina first cleansed my face with a milk cleanser then double cleansed again with a facial wash that had jojoba beads. To exfoliate further, she applied a papaya enzyme peel which was left on for 10 minutes while she gave me a quick but relaxing shoulder massage. After wiping the peel off, Christina gave me a much-needed extraction, removing stubborn blackheads on my nose and chin. A soothing toner with aloe vera and evening primrose oil was used to calm my skin, followed by a peptide mask for skin tightening, acne and wrinkles. As the mask was setting, she gave me an amazing shoulder and head massage that sent me into ecstasy. This was over too quickly and my mask was gently wiped off with warm towels. As a last step, a soothing serum with peptides was applied and Christina gave me another stimulating facial massage to encourage cellular regeneration.



My skin was smoother and my pores looked more refined after the facial. To maintain the good results, a facial treatment every month is recommended.

BLOGGER REVIEW by Celine Chiam

Facial treatment at Queen’s Beauty Centre


I was invited by Queen’s Beauty Centre for a facial treatment. Betty, the owner has over 36 years of experience, giving me the assurance that I would be in good hands. Before the facial began, I had a personal consultation with Betty where she scrutinised my skin condition and told me what was wrong with my skin. I was really impressed with her vast knowledge on acne and skin problems.




Fibro3 Peptides
The facial treatment that Betty decided for me was the Fibro3 Peptides Program from SkinOrigin, formulated with peptides and essential ingredients like plant extracts and minerals to regulate and repair skin, with steps to strengthen and firm the repaired skin with elements of collagen. The facial treatment included facial cleansing, an
“Active Repair” mask as well as a relaxing shoulder massage. I was even given a small bottle of facial repair essence that Betty had specifically combined for me using the different essences from the Fibro3 Peptides regime.

At the end of the facial, I felt really refreshed and rejuvenated. The best part is that the whole process was painless. This treatment did not involve extractions because it believes in stimulating natural healing of the skin with the introduction of proteins through pulsation. A day later, I noticed that some of my angry pimples dried up! I’m giving this facial treatment two thumbs up for the excellent personal service. For best results, a course of at least three sessions is recommended.

End User’s Review
Excellent results! The pigments on my skin faded off right after my third treatment. No pain nor discomfort during the whole treatment process. I would definitely recommend this treatment to my friends. – Michelle Chan, Accountant, 38










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