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Look visibly younger with Vyon

Look visibly younger with Vyon

Protect your skin from sun damage and aging with VYON’s range of cutting-edge yet gentle skincare. VYON research only uses highly effective and rigorously tested active ingredients in high concentrations.
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Sun-damaged skin and ageing skin can be marked by small and larger keratinizations, rough skin folds, hyperpigmentation and age-related skin appearances. A gentle and broad method to smooth and regenerate photo-damaged and ageing skin is achieved through the use of AHA products. By applying skincare cosmeceutical with non-drying fruit acid the epidermis can regenerate faster and its structure is improved.


Light cream with fruit acids for an optimum complexion and additional moisture supply. It removes dead skin cells to refine the skin’s appearance, makes oily skin matte, improves skin hydration with in-depth action, evens out skin tone, improves skin elasticity, minimises wrinkles and activates cell division.


The silky cream contains the potent yet skin- friendly kojic acid and stabilised vitamin C. These act right at the source of melanin production. Both contain Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract – extracts from the Japanese blood grass, grass pollen to provide moisture supply into the deeper skin layers and osmotic regulators for the cell.


The skin is exposed to an increasing overload of irritations caused by influences such as summer smog, environmental damage, un- healthy lifestyles or the increasing UV radiation. VYON developed these unique specialty products to suit every skin type and fulfill every skin care request. The complementing products have been matched to be combined with the whole product range by VYON.

SPF 50

Containing UVA & UVB Filter system, Vitamin E and Shea Butter, SPF 50 with its unique light texture is especially suitable for sun-sensitive faces. SPF 50 balances structural damage and protects against the visible signs of ageing. The texture is easily spread, quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves no unpleasant film. The cream is used as day care and can therefore also be applied as a base for make-up.


VYON fluids are mini power sources and “high strength” beauty boosters for the skin. They are the stars of active ingredients in skincare and can show off their skills whenever the skin requires an extra boost of intensive care. Selected active ingredients targeting specific skin types quickly balance the skin, pamper it with an extra portion of moisture, give it an energising vitamin boost or activate the regenerative mechanism. The VYON fluids, rich in active ingredients, are very potent and leave visible results.

These effective and balanced formulas help you easily achieve your desired skincare results. To find out more about VYON, visit

Written by Pearlin Siow

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