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Laser Tattoo Removal enjoys surge in popularity

Laser Tattoo Removal enjoys surge in popularity


Laser tattoo removal is enjoying new popularity among millennials. The reason? Lower back tattoos are growing out of fashion. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery said the demand for the procedure grew by 37%, and that most of the requests came from women.

Their reasons are varied. Some no longer like the design. Others want more visible tattoos – like the one on their wrist or ankles – removed, as it no longer suits their personality and lifestyle. Quite a few of them had the tattoos done in their early twenties. “It was an impulsive move when I felt very carefree and wanted something fun,” says Kay R. “It just doesn’t work with who I am now. I don’t regret getting the tattoo, but I’m ready for another look.”

While removing a tattoo is more difficult than changing a hairstyle, new laser treatments can remove even the most difficult pigments. Numbing creams and other pain-management techniques have also made laser treatments less painful.

Many Singapore clinics offer laser tattoo removal, though this is rarely marketed heavily.  For aesthetics treatments, this opens a possible marketing or advertising opportunity. Most aesthetic treatment campaigns center around anti-aging and fat reduction. Lasers that treat pigmentation usually focus on age spots or freckles.

However, laser tattoo removal is a potentially profitable niche. While it does mean targeting a very specific audience, the people who do wish to get “un-inked” are often willing to go through a procedure if they are given the right information about prices, pain management, and the number of sessions a type of tattoo may require.


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