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HighBrow Eyelash Extensions Review

HighBrow Eyelash Extensions Review

HighBrow Eyelash Extensions Review

Arriving at HighBrow at Capitol Piazza, I was quite unsure how my eyelash extensions would turn out having never tried the treatment before but I was ready to give it a go!
I’ve tried applying my own fake lashes a few times in the past but honestly I find it too fussy for me. I would look in the mirror afterwards and just feel that they were so obvious.
I was greeted at the entrance by one of their friendly female staff and also met the lovely Lorna, Miss Global Ireland, who I was scheduled to interview that day as well. Once I saw her lashes (which looked great) I was excited to get my extensions done too! Check out my interview with Lorna, where she tells me about the procedure of the eyelash extensions treatment at HighBrow and shares her own experience.
Once they were ready for me, I was brought in to one of their very cozy treatment rooms. The eyelash specialist took a careful look at my face and explained to me what type of lashes would suit me best. We chatted about the look I wanted and he was really helpful and listened to what I was saying as well as giving his expert advice. We decided to go for a natural look but with a good amount of lashes and a nice curl.

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The Treatment

Laying on the the treatment bed with a super soft blanket draped over me, I was in heaven! Especially since I hadn’t gotten that much sleep the night before. I realised this might actually take a while and began thinking about all the things I could have prepared in advance, like an audiobook or a nice music playlist but the bed was so comfortable I was happy to just relax. The specialist then began the very meticulous process of applying individual lashes. The lower lashes are covered during the process to avoid any glue ending up there.

During the procedure you really don’t feel much at all. There definitely should not be any pain. I could feel the specialist’s tools lightly touching my eyelid here and there but that was about it. I’m usually very sensitive to anything happening around my eyes so I was glad there was no irritation all.


The Finished Effect

The treatment takes one to one and a half hours overall. Towards the end the specialist did some final adjustments and I was ready to open my eyes and see the final look! I was very happy, my lashes looked longer, fuller but still natural.

higbrow finished effect 2

higbrow finished effect 1

higbrow finished effect 3

A few weeks on from my treatment and my lash extensions are still in. They fall out with your natural lashes so I have lost a few so far. Usually it lasts around four weeks. You can also do a touch up with HighBrow after two weeks so the extensions last even longer.
I’ve really enjoyed wearing the lashes. I like that they look natural enough for every day but still bold enough that I don’t need to bother with mascara in the morning. I feel very confident in the level of skill of the specialists at HighBrow and I’ve already set my next appointment!
Get beautiful lashes for the Holiday season. To book an appointment, call HighBrow at 6694 2777 / 9177 1677 (The Star Vista) or 6694 0777 / 8876 5677 (Capitol Piazza).
Follow all the latest updates at and @highbrowsg.

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Model Lorna Murphy reviews HighBrow

Model Lorna Murphy reviews HighBrow

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