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Heal dry skin with the Histolab Ampoule Series

Heal dry skin with the Histolab Ampoule Series

Heal dry skin with the Histolab Ampoule Series

HISTOLAB Ampoule Series are high-concentrate ampoules that are paraben and alcohol-free to help keep skin healthy by offering an abundance of moisture and nutrition to the skin. It combines a wide variety of active ingredients such as EGF, Vita C, Hyaluron Acid, Azulene as well as Tomato Callus Culture Extract and Rice Callus Culture Extract.

How does the HISTOLAB Ampoule Series work?
The ampoule Series are high concentrated ampoules containing complex premium ingredients that work effectively together. They include:
• Vita C complex 47% which is an excellent skin lightening agent that helps inhibit melanin synthesis.
• EGF complex 50%, the winning serum which works as an active anti-wrinkle agent to help improve skin’s elasticity.
• Hyaluron complex 62% which combines a variety of active high concentrate and hydrating ingredients to instantly replenish moisture and keep skin supple.
• Azulene complex 72% which is formulated with a variety of sebum control agents, “Dimethyl Sulfone” and BHA to improve troubled skin by regulating sebum secretion.

Clara Chng, Managing Direcor, Clement Chng, Sales & Marketing Director
(Left) Clara Chng, Managing Director; (Right) Clement Chng, Sales & Marketing Director

What are the effects of paraben and alcohol on skin?
Paraben is widely used in many products as a preservative to prevent bacteria growth. However, it was discovered that this ingredient has been linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues. As a result, health regulators in many countries have recommended limits on paraben levels in cosmetic products.

Alcohol increases both irritation and dryness on the skin, especially for acne and or oily skin. For acne skin, it may lead to an increase in acne-causing bacteria and may make inflammation worse. For oily skin, alcohol can stimulate oil production at the base of the pores, so the immediate de-greasing effect is eventually counteracted by oily skin producing even more oil.

What are some of the active ingredients in the ampoules and their benefits?
Vita C complex 47%:
> Ascorbic acid – Vitalising and lightening
> arbutin – Melanin synthesis inhibitory
> Glycyrrhiza Glabra powder – To even out complexion
> Aloe Barbadensis Leaf juice – Soothing
> Sodium Hyaluronate – Moisturising

EGF complex 50%:
> EGF complex – Skin renewal
> adenosine – anti-wrinkle
> Trehalose – Moisturising
> Eclipta Prostrata Extract – Skin elasticizing

Hyaluron complex 62%:
> Sodium Hyaluronate – Moisturising
> Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract – Antioxidant
> Snail Secretion Filtrate – Moisturising
> rose Water – Soothing

Azulene complex 72%:
> Azulene complex – Soothing
> Dimethyl Sulfone – Sebum absorption
> BHA – Sebum control
> Tea Tree Oil – Soothing

How do you use this product?
Ampoule Series are used as topical products either for daily maintenance of the skin or they can be used during facial treatments using Cryo (cold) or ultrasound machines for more immediate visible results.

What results are expected?
• Vita C complex 47% results in a more balanced skin tone and lightened pigmented skin.
• EGF complex 50% reduces wrinkles, and boosts ageing and dry skin.
• Hyaluron complex 62% hydrates intensely dry and rough skin so that skin looks and feels softer.
• Azulene refines pores by soothing and removing dead skin cells.

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