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Fight Wrinkles with HIFU AgeTite

Fight Wrinkles with HIFU AgeTite

Work out your skin with HIFU AgeTite – a non-surgical treatment which uses ultrasound technology to lift and tone.

Just like your body, your face needs to work out to stay toned. As we get older, our skin becomes weakened and stretched by gravity causing wrinkles and loose skin. We lose the attractive V-shaped façade of our youth, and develop dreaded saggy jowls and turkey neck (*cringe*).

aesthetics trends singaporeFortunately, we can now (hopefully) prevent this from happening without surgery with HIFU AgeTite which shrinks the SMAS layer (located between subcutaneous fat and muscle previously accessible via facelift only) to stimulate skin to regenerate collagen and elastic deep within the skin. That is why, it is advisable to do this procedure (and any aesthetic treatment) in your late 20s to early 30s when skin starts to age and sag, advises Dr Ariffin Ziaudeen (Dr Fin for short), resident doctor at Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic, where I am trying the treatment.

Treatment process:

Before starting my treatment, I had a comprehensive consultation with Dr Fin where he asked me about my previous aesthetic procedures and answered all my questions about HIFU AgeTite. Then, I was brought to the treatment room and my face was double cleansed in preparation for it.

Dr Fin was careful and considerate, and did a few test shots on my lower cheek first to gauge my reaction. Once prepped, he began the treatment, starting with my cheeks before moving to my jawline and neck areas. In total, three passes were made to tighten and create the much desired V-shaped effect. Throughout the treatment, Dr Fin constantly checked in on me to ensure that I was comfortable.

After my skin was lifted, he changed the hand piece to target the upper layers of my dermis to stimulate collagen for an overall more refreshed look. This 20-minute treatment was comfortable and I just felt slight pins and needles where the shots were administered.

According to Dr Fin, optimum results can be expected in three months. Post-treatment, my face bore a slight healthy blush. HIFU AgeTite is great if you suffer from slight skin laxity and want a non-invasive treatment with no downtime. After all, who doesn’t want to have a lifted V-shaped face without going under the knife?

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Price: From $480 onwards


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