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Get fuller, perfectly shaped eyebrows

Get fuller, perfectly shaped eyebrows

HighBrow’s signature Brow Enliven treatment will make you look like your favourite Korean star faster than you can say yeppeun (that means pretty in Korean)!

Suffer from scanty eyebrows but lust after full, Korean-inspired ones? Apparently, this trending eyebrow shape screams youth like Chupa Chups as it gives you the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed sweet look that K-pop stars are known for. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can see this hairy trend everywhere – posters of follicularlyunchallenged Korean stars to beauty bloggers, all flaunting their gorgeous and full brows.

Then, I came across HighBrow and could not stop staring at their clients’ before and after brows on their Facebook page. They were full, natural and exactly what I wanted! Their signature Brow Enliven treatment is an innovative procedure which uses three different sized blades that were specially designed by their Creative Director Andy, to create a more natural and precise eyebrow shape. This procedure is also done on the third layer of the skin epidermis where there are no blood vessels.

Treatment process:

After explaining the entire procedure to me, Andy showed me different brow shapes and said that since I have an oval face, I would suit the Korean shape. To begin, he skillfully drew two different eyebrow shapes and asked me to pick the one I preferred. Naturally, I chose the straighter and thicker shape. Then, he applied numbing cream and put cling wrap on my brows for about 25 minutes. While waiting, Andy customised an ink made up of three different brown colours to match my hair and skintone. When he started, the process was so painless that I dozed off – with him cutting my brows and his face about two inches away from mine!

In less than 10 minutes, he was done. He explained that my brows will darken slightly the next day as the ink sets, and I have to avoid washing and wiping my brows for a week. I was also given a serum and cream to further protect my colour. Brow Enliven is by far, the easiest and cheapest way to shave years off – and in the capable hands of Andy, you can look like your favourite Korean star.

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