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Fight aging with the Triple Youth Generator

Fight aging with the Triple Youth Generator

Perfect your complexion with The Belle Clinic’s Triple Youth Generator.

From bespoke designer shoes to bags embossed with your initials, customisation lets you stand out as an individual and ensures that the products are made according to your liking or needs. At The Belle Clinic, their Triple Youth Generator is a three-in-one problem solver that claims to be able to treat pores, rejuvenate skin, pigmentation, sagginess and wrinkles—all customised to your skin condition and done in one visit!


shutterstock_239918479 (1)Dr Maybelle Tan understands that patients these days seek fast treatments with no downtime, which explains the popularity of her combination package – all of which can be squeezed in during lunchtime, letting you return to the office with glowing skin. To ensue that she can personalise a treatment programme best suited for my skin type, Dr Tan’s initial consultation is a comprehensive one. From my skincare regime to when my last facial treatment was, she records everything down before proceeding to advise me on her recommended treatments.



First, my face was cleansed and a numbing cream applied. I liked that Dr Tan pays attention to the finer details – such as this numbing cream which she created to work in three minutes instead of the usual 20 minutes. Throughout my laser treatment, she also constantly checked on me to ensure that I was comfortable and that my slightly sensitive skin took to the treatment well.


After the laser, the RF treatment was done on the areas on my face prone to sagging and wrinkles, like my nasolabial and marionette lines as well as my forehead and undereye areas. For the third step, a chemical peel or medical grade facial as Dr Tan prefers to call it, was applied and massaged into my skin for a minute before it was rinsed off. To finish off this skin treat, recovery cream and sunblock were applied.



How did you come up with the Triple Youth Generator?

With modern living, our most precious commodity is time so I researched and combined three effective treatments that when customised appropriately, can potentially treat the majority, if not all of our skin issues in a single session.

Why do you think this is an effective programme?

This multi-faceted programme was designed to address all skin concerns. A Laser component evens out the skin tone, targets pigmentation and reduces enlarged pores. Optimized Radiofrequency provides non-invasive skin tightening by encouraging collagen regeneration, targeting sagging skin caused by gravity or photo-ageing. Lastly, a medical grade peel helps to banish acne, enlarged pores, dull skin, blotchy pigmentation, uneven texture, liver spots, superficial wrinkles and more. Each individual treatment is FDA and HSA approved, with scientific evidence to back up its claims. This is the assurance that The Belle Clinic gives you from using medical grade treatments and equipment.


How do you customise it for each patient?

Constant evaluation on each visit, spending time understanding the patient’s needs and lifestyle helps me to customise each treatment, every time I see the patient. It helps that I am a chatty person and it’s amazing the information that I can get from patients when they are feeling relaxed and confident in the medical care they are receiving. This is important in the bespoke, customisation process.

What results can be expected?

We aim for glowing, clear, even, skin that is firm with minimal fine lines and wrinkles. Most importantly, we want the skin to look naturally radiant, healthy and be baby smooth and soft to the touch!



Dr Maybelle Tan

Dr Maybelle Tan  has more than 15 years of experience and has worked in Plastic Surgery, Hand Reconstructive Microsurgery in Dublin, Ireland as well as in Singapore. She has participated in as well as led scientific research programmes in Europe as well as Singapore. In addition to being a member of both The Royal College of Surgeons Ireland as well as The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, she has a Masters in Surgery from NUS and a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and is also a published author in several international medical journals.

The Belle Clinic is at 1 Tras Link,
#02-06, Singapore 078867. Tel: 64448108

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