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Face Value: The Face Aesthetic Clinic

Face Value: The Face Aesthetic Clinic

Looking your best is easy with The Face Aesthetic Clinic’s signature treatments that promise a more youthful and fairer appearance.

We all know how vital first impressions are. Thankfully, with modern science, we are now able to turn back time, erase wrinkles and tone saggy skin quickly and painlessly. The Face Aesthetic Clinic by Dr Zhang Yijun is a flagship clinic with a strong focus on non-invasive aesthetic procedures that provides solutions for all your face, skin and body concerns.

Signature Sculpt 

This treatment naturally stimulates collagen production to help you regain youthful suppleness and reverse the ravages of time. You will see plump and tighter skin as well as reduced wrinkles with little to no down time at all. This non-invasive procedure can be done during your lunch hour and the effects are long-lasting. A course of about 3 to 6 sessions are recommended for best results.

Some common problem areas:

• Laugh lines
• Forehead wrinkles
• Sunken cheeks and temple
• Sagging skin around the face
If you would like to prolong your newly attained youthfulness, pair it with their Tone & Lift treatment to sharpen facial contours and lift saggy skin by stimulating collagen production.

Snow White

An alluring snowy fair complexion can be yours with this luxurious procedure that comprises of NannoLight technology Intense Pulse Light to lighten your complexion, paired with a Vitamin C infused treatment, resulting in radiant and brighter skin. With no downtime at all, you can pop in and out during your lunchtime and head back to work with glowing skin. This pampering and relaxing treatment is especially popular with brides-to-be and anyone who aspires to have a milky and fair complexion like Snow White. To prolong your smooth and fair complexion, bring home a box of Crystal Tomato capsules and you will certainly become the fairest of them all.


The Face Aesthetic Clinic is located at:
20 Malacca Street, #01-00, Singapore
048979. Tel: +65 6223 6788


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