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Come, be curious.

Be manicurious

Manicurious prides itself on being the best at what we do: manicure and pedicure services including custom, hand-drawn nail art and gel overlays, and handcrafted coffees and premium teas.

It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s time for beauty and fashion to come together. We specialize in manicures and nail art, so you can wear your nails to match your style, and to let your style influence your nails. Sink into plush vintage-inspired couches. Luxuriate. All while having your nails done, your tired muscles massaged, and your skin pampered.




In my opinion, this is hands down one of the best spots in town to slip away and enjoy a nice cup of tea while indulging in some “me time”.

The service at manicurious has always been more than courteous and friendly here and it is clear that the girls/manicurists here are very earnest in their efforts to make sure you are happy with the quality of your nails and experience.

Clara Hang

The most wonderful service! Beautiful staff, delicious tea on arrival and the best care given to their customers. Thank you ladies.

Amanda Woodham

Had my wedding nails done up at Manicurious 🙂 Love the service, love the design. Just awesome!!

Han Peiyi

Contact Information

41 Beach Road, Singapore 189680

+65 6333 9096

Facebook: Manicurious
Twitter: @ManicuriousSG
Instagram: Manicurious