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Eyes and eyebrow are windows of the soul.

Everyone has different character,facial features, job and body shape hence calls for the different brow shapes. However, our own brows may have its imperfections. some have imbalanced eyebrow and some are too long or too short. There is also a group of people who as result of having engaged the services of unprofessional eyebrow therapists resulted in such similar problems. Thus, there are a large proportion of people who are not contented with their eyebrows but they are unable to reach out to the professionals in this area.

They are plagued with the fear of not knowing what type of eyebrow is suitable for their face shape, what is the problem with their eyebrows and not confident of solving the problem.

In the past and even up to present, as this industry is not properly regulated,some unprofessional eye brow therapists works resulted in customer’s eyebrow turning red or blue in color, This further reduced the confidence of people.

Hence, the birth of Highbrow. Our professionals are here to salvage all the above mentioned issues.

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Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green #B1-25, S (138617)

Capitol Piazza
13 Stamford Road #B2-16, S (178905)

Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road #01-69, 
S (449269)

Contact Info

6694 2777 / 9177 1677 (The Star Vista)
6694 0777 / 8876 5677 (Capitol Piazza)
6247 7789 / 8339 6896
 (Parkway Parade)

Instagram: @highbrowsg

Operating Hours

Mon-Sun:11:00 am – 9:00 pm

Brow Treatment

  • Brow Shaping – Brow Threading, Brow Tweezing, Brow Thread and Tweeze
  • Brow Tint – Tint, Tint Threading + Color, Tint Tweezing + Color, Tint Thread & Tweeze + Color


  • Skin Care – Clear Vibes – Anti Blemish

Lashes Treatment

  • Lash Tint – Lash Tint, Cluster Lash, Sexy Lash, Lash By Lash, Cirrus Lash, Ultimate Color Lash, Lash Removal, Lash TouchUp (Cluster), Lash TouchUp (Lash by Lash), Lash TouchUp (Cirrus), Lash Touch Up (Sexy Lash), Lash Curl, Lash Extensions & Treatments

Semi Permanent

  • Brow Enliven – Brow Enliven (Professional), Brow Enliven (TouchUp), Brow Enliven (Creative Dir)
  • Eye Liner – Upp Eyeliner (Pro), Low Eyeliner (Creative Dir), Low Eyeliner (Pro), Lip Define (Creative Dir), Lip TouchUp (Creative Dir), Eyeliner TouchUp
  • Lip Define – Lip Define (Creative Dir), Lip TouchUp (Creative Dir)


  • Face Threading – Full Face threading, Full Face Thread & Tweeze, Full Face Thread + Brow T&T, Upper Lip threading, Lower Lip threading, Fore head, Cheeks, Chin, Sideburn, Neck


  • Face Parts Wax – Brow Wax, Upper Lip, Lower Lip, Chin, Cheeks, Fore Head, Jaw Line, Sideburn, Neck
  • Upper Body Parts Wax – Under Arm, Half Arms, Full Arms, Shoulder, Nipple, Chest, Stomach, Chest & Stomach, Full Back, Hands, Fingers, Bottom Half Legs, Top Half Legs, Full Legs, Toes, Feet
  • Brazilian Parts Wax – Crack, Basic Bikini Wax , High Low Bikini Line Wax, Playboy (Triangle or Strip), Brazilian Wax (All off), Nipple, Jaw line
  • Boyzilian Parts Wax – Crack, Basic Bikini Wax, High Low Bikini Line Wax, Playboy (Triangle or Strip), Boyzilian Wax (All off), Nipple, Jaw line


  • Thanks Highbrow!  I’m really satisfied with the brow enliven and my brows look very natural. The whole process is almost painless. I’ll definitely recommend my friends here.

Ann 17/04/14

  • Thanks Andy & Cynthia, I love my brow enliven! It looks so natural! Finally I no need to draw my eyebrows and can leave my house with this beautiful brow! Excellent skill! Thanks!

Cyndi 21/04/14

  • Andy is very professional, attentive & patient. It has been a very pleasant experience from my eyelash extension to eyeliner embroidery. ( painless! ) Thumbs up!

Wendy 10/05/15

  • Super loving my new eyebrow!! Thank you Highbrow for a super good recommendation on the eyebrow shape which suit my face. The brow specialist is really patient and attentive and of course super professional. I could recommend anyone including my friends who want a natural look eyebrow to visit Highbrow! Perfect & no regret. The money spent is really worth it!

Amanda Sim 5/07/14

  • Dearest Highbrow, Thank you very much for the great service experience! Andy’s professional advices & skill given for my brow enliven were very good. I would surely recommend to my friends & family members. Thumbs up!


  • Perfect! I love my brows! Thank you for the wonderful service on my eyebrow! Good skills!



To change the way you think of semi-permanent make-up by being the leader of brow and lash works.


“We strive to create brow and lash works and services of superior design and quality to meet customers’ needs. Customers will recognize our efforts to better ourselves and in return reward us with word-of- mouth recommendation and profit.”


1. Passion

2. Innovation

3. Professionalism

4. Integrity

5. Trust