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Dr Vanessa Phua

Dr Vanessa Phua

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Dr Vanessa PhuaDr Vanessa Phua has a history of training in Ophthalmology and Aesthetic medicine internationally. Educated in the United Kingdom with an Ophthlamology surgical background, she is also a keen arbiter elegantiae for aesthetic rejuvenation of the individual. She is the regional trainer for aesthetic medical procedures such as UltherapyTM and filler rejuvenation of the face. Her signature treatments are the Papillon Revitalizing Threadlift and Joie de Vivre face and body contouring treatments.
She believes the pursuit of beauty is not just skin deep. It is both an art and a science choosing the most appropriate treatment for the patient. With Dr Phua’s background training, artistic flair and passion, she always sees good results.
Outside of her profession, she is a wine enthusiast and an avid freelance wine journalist.


304 Orchard Road Lucky Plaza #05-06, Singapore 238863

Contact Info
Tel: +65 6235 8411

    • FACE
      • Acne and Open Pores
        • SpectraPeel Pore Reduction Laser
        • Sciton® BroadBand Light (BBL) Rejuvenation
        • Crystal Clear Programme (Cosmelan Depigmentation)
        • Micro Botulinum Toxin Cosmetic (includes wrinkles and facial contouring)
      • Acne Scars
        • Sciton Profractional XCTM Laser
        • Sciton Microlaser PeelTM
      • Eyes
        • Redensity Teosyal For The Eyes
      • Pigmentation & Uneven Skin Tone
        • Crystal Clear Programme
        • Micro Neurotoxin
      • Sun Damage
        • Sciton® BroadBand LightTM (BBL)
        • Collagen Booster treatment with customised superficial and medium depth skin peels
      • Sensitivity & Broken Vessels
        • Sciton ClearScanTM Laser Rejuvenation
      • Textural Improvement & Rejuvenation
        • Sciton® BroadBand LightTM (BBL)
        • Spectra Peel Laser
      • Saggy Skin
        • UltheraTM
        • Papillon Threadlift (Silhouette SoftTM, UltraV lift)
      • Crinkly Skin
        • CPT ThermageTM
      • Joie de Vivre Facial Contouring
        • Liquid Facelift with Biodegradable Fillers
      • Wrinkles/Facial Slimming
        • Sculpt your face with Injectable Neurotoxin
    • BODY
      • Body contouring and Cellulite treatment with ThermageTM CPT
      • Papillon Hand Rejuvenation
      • Private Parts Rejuvenation
      • Stretchmarks Removal & Skin Renewal
      • Body Sculpting with Non-surgical Cryolipolysis “Fat Freeze” in conjunction with weight management programme
    • HAIR
      • Hair Restoration