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Dr Valentin Low Aesthetic & Laser Clinic

Dr Valentin Low Aesthetic & Laser Clinic

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Dr Valentin Low


Women, regardless of age, want to feel good about themselves. And it is Dr. Low’s determined intention to give them what they want, within reasonable limits.

“The media, to a certain degree have an influence on perceived beauty. It’s a big responsibility and moral issue for me as a Doctor to set realistic expectations to the patient,”

Dr. Valentin Low Aesthetic & Laser Clinic has achieved an industry-leading status in Aesthetic Healthcare with an extensive client base from Singapore, Indonesia,Malaysia, Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and numerous other countries It is located in the exclusive Paragon Medical Suites, in the heart of Singapore’s famed shopping district.


290 Orchard Road, #08-03 Paragon Medical Suites, Singapore 238859

Contact Info
Tel: +65-67203323, +65-84075329(SMS)

  • FACE
    • Dissolvable Threadlift
    • Thermage
    • Ulthera
    • Botulinum Toxin & Fillers
      • Square jaw Reduction
      • Wrinkles Treatment
      • Fillers/Liquid Facelift
  • BODY
    • Ultrasonic-Lipolysis
    • Freeze Fat Cold Sculpting/Smartlipo/Laser Lipolysis
    • Cellulite Reduction
    • Tummy Tightening with Body by ThermageTM
    • Excessive Sweating
    • Laser pigment & Pores Removal
    • Laser Acne & Acne Scar Removal
    • Veins and Tattoo Removal
    • Laser Hair Removal
    • Clinical Hair Regrowth