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Clementi Family & Aesthetic Clinic

Clementi Family & Aesthetic Clinic

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Clementi Family & Aesthetics
We provide personalised and holistic healthcare by dedicated and professional Family Physicians. We offer a comprehensive range of services for the whole family including men’s and women’s health, as well as paediatric and geriatric care. We manage a wide spectrum of acute and chronic conditions, provide childhood and travel vaccinations and perform minor surgeries on site. As we firmly believe in preventive medicine, we have health screening packages for all your needs.

We believe that beauty is for everyone and we provide an extensive array of medical aesthetic services to solve a variety of dermatological conditions. With our range of top-of-the-line medical aesthetic equipment and products, coupled with our knowledge of the newest techniques, we aim to bring out the best in your skin, fulfil your beauty needs and grant you youth within and out!

Clementi Family & Aesthetic Clinic is passionate about serving the needs of you, your family and the community.


321 Clementi, 321 Clementi Ave 3 #01-14/15, Singapore 129905

Contact Info
Tel: +65 6776 6177

  • Pigmentations
    • Melasma
    • Freckles
    • Sun spots & Age spots
    • Tattoo Removal
  • Facial Lesions
    • Moles
    • Skin Tags
    • Viral Warts
    • Seborrhoeic warts
    • Milia
    • Seborrhoeic hyperplasia
    • Syringoma
    • Xanthelesma
  • Facial Contouring
    • Square Jaws
    • Volume Loss
    • Nasal Bridge Augmentation
    • Chin Augmentation
    • Cheek Augmentation
    • Tear Trough (Eye bags) Augmentation
  • Facial Rejuvenation
    • Dynamic/Static Wrinkles
    • Skin Laxity + Sagging Jowls
    • Collagen Stimulation
  • Hair, Acne and Scar
    • Hair Reduction
    • Acne Treatment
    • Scar Revision