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Environ Masque: Face Lift in a Bottle

Environ Masque: Face Lift in a Bottle

This revolutionary mask by Environ® Skin Care claims to reverse time and deliver youthful skin. Nicknamed the “Facelift in a Jar”, Revival Masque contains a powerful and unique mix of three skin-boosting acids that stimulate collagen and reduce pigmentation.

environ masque

Environ is the only masks that contains three of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients:
1. Lactic acid. Exfoliates, hydrates and brightens.
2. Asiatic acid (penny wart. Powerful stimulator of growth factors which stimulate type 1 collagen — the same collagen that only babies produce!
3. Mandelic acid. Scientifically proven for its anti-ageing properties, which reduce pigmentation, redness and scarring.

“The story behind why we developed Revival Masque is that this was my first step in the mission I have to make a skin care product that would be like a “Face Lift in a Bottle”. I know that this is a preposterous idea, but as a dreamer I decided to pursue it,” reveals Dr Des Fernandes, leading aesthetic surgeon and founder of Environ® Skin Care.

environ before and after

The product received excellent feedback and results in clinical trials, with participants showing dramatically younger looking skin: less lines, more even complexion, and a healthy sheen.

For best results, use Revival Masque for a minimum of four to six months to obtain the appearance of refreshed and youthful skin. Consult an Environ Skincare Professional for advice on suitable products to use in conjunction with the Revival Masque. Environ skincare products are sold by doctors and skincare professionals.

For more information, contact:
Beauty Resources
50 Bukit Batok Street 23, #05-03, Midview Building, Singapore 659578. Tel: 6293 5530

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