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Dr. Georgia Lee on the power of Indiba

Dr. Georgia Lee on the power of Indiba

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The difference is INDIBA

This device helps to lift, improve circulation (may help in reducing puffiness and dark circles around the eyes), and speed up recovery for swelling and bruising after surgery. It also seems to improve pigmentation that responds poorly to light based treatments.

What is the trend in aesthetic treatments now?

Injectables like Botox® and Fillers have been all time favourites as their results are predictable, consistent, fast and lasting. Non-invasive skin tightening treatments like Thermage® and INDIBA®, as well as Liposonix® which reduces localised fat deposits are also very popular.

Can you explain how INDIBA® works?

This device helps to lift, improve circulation (may help in reducing puffiness and dark circles around the eyes), and speed up recovery for swelling and bruising after surgery. It seems to improve pigmentation that responds poorly to light based treatments. It is gentle on the face and with the massaging action – helps to reduce puffiness and improves circulation. There is no discomfort during the treatment and the session takes about an hour.

How fast are results seen and who is suitable for Indiba?

The results are seen within a few days of the treatment and better results for lifting can be achieved from regular accumulative treatments. Suitable candidates are: a) Patients with dry and sensitive skin b) Patients who are looking for preventive care against laxity c) Patients who are not ready for more aggressive tightening treatments d) Patients with poor threshold of discomfort.

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