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Click to get a cut: Neue Salon introduces online booking

Click to get a cut: Neue Salon introduces online booking

Click to get a cut Neue Salon introduces online booking

Here’s a “Neue” way of scheduling your next haircut. Neue Salon – Singapore’s new celebrity-endorsed hair salon — recently launched an online booking system that lets you schedule your next hair appointment in just a few clicks.

Just go to their website, [Editor Update 23 April 2018:  Online booking is discontinued.]. Select a date and time, or click on a favourite stylist to find out when they’re available. Pick the services you want, confirm the slot, and you’re done!

Neue is the first Singapore hair salon to provide online booking. They launched it in October 2015. “We developed it to meet the changing needs of today internet savvy audience, bringing about a new convenience which has been lacking in the industry for years,” says Trina Juan, Neue Salon’s General Manager.

They’re absolutely right. Today’s generation is wired, but tired: we rush through the day, chasing deadlines and multi-tasking through our phones and tablets. With so many competing responsibilities, who has the time to dial a salon and coordinate a schedule with a receptionist?

Now, you can instantly confirm when your favourite stylist is available on your preferred day. Neue’s online booking system is synchronized with their computerized work roster system, which manages the stylists’ shifts, off-days and shifts. In the event that a stylist falls sick or has to leave the salon because of an emergency, Neue will call you and help make other arrangements.

You’ll be sent an email reminder a day before your appointment, and you can reschedule through the website using your user name and password. It’s also possible to book a same-day appointment (minimum notice is just one hour). If you’re pressed for time and squeezing a salon visit within a busy schedule, Trina advises allocating about 1 hour for a haircut and blowdry/shampoo and blowdry, up to 2.5 hours for a haircut that includes a colouring or treatment, and up to 3 hours for digital perms, keratin treatments or rebonding.

Neue Salon combines this cutting edge technology with a very personal, premium service. “We try to understand each and every individual customer through their hair colour preference, their seat preference as well as their periodical preference,” says Trina. Their experienced stylists also collaborate with you to create your own signature hairstyle — haircuts that complement not just your facial features, but your hair texture, lifestyle, and even the industry you work for.

Led by Jerry Ng, all of Neue Salon’s stylists are dedicated to creating a vision of you that is iconic and true to your personality. Experience a new level of passion, precision and meticulous attention to detail that elevates a haircut into a masterpiece.

It’s a Neue way to book your next Neue look. Book online now!

Neue Salon is located at 252 North Bridge Road, #02-27C, Raffles City, Singapore 179103. For queries, call +65 6338 8949.

[Editor Update 23 April 2018:  Online booking is discontinued.]

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