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Clara Song: My Invisalign Experience

Clara Song: My Invisalign Experience

Blogger Clara Song (who blogs at transformed her crooked teeth into an A-list smile with Invisalign. Clara always felt self-conscious about her uneven teeth. “I’ve always detested my teeth because they are really crooked, especially the bottom row.

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“That is why I seldom smile widely.” She entertained the thought of getting braces but the idea of being a “metal mouth” for four to five years put her off. She was resigned to not smiling until she came across Invisalign at Orchard Scotts Dental.

Plastic Fantastic

An impression of Clara’s teeth was taken at Orchard Scotts Dental so that they could send it over to the main Invisalign company in the US to generate a 3-D simulation of how her set of teeth will migrate over time.

When the US received Clara’s impressions, they proceeded to do a ClinCheck video with her final smile designed by Orchard Scotts Dental. This video showed how her process would be like and estimated that her treatment will take a total of 52 weeks. She will not be using the same aligners for the entire duration. Instead, Clara will be changing aligners with a different mold every two weeks so that her teeth will move accordingly.

These aligners are to be worn for at least 20 hours a day and only removed during meal and snack times as well as brushing. This ensures that her teeth will root themselves in their new positions. To ensure that her aligners fit snugly on her top and bottom teeth, she has to chew on aligner gum which is similar to chewing gum.

Smiling like a Cheshire Cat

Clara has since gone through 25 Invisalign Treatment aligners as well as 10 Refinements aligners. She only has 10 remaining Refinement aligners before she is done with her treatment. “Correcting the position of my teeth has made me smile bigger and wider. I no longer hide my crooked teeth from anyone anymore!” she confides…with a smile!

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