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3 things to ask before choosing a dental clinic in Singapore

3 things to ask before choosing a dental clinic in Singapore

A dentist can help you whiten your teeth, cover any chips or discolorations, and even make over your smile!  Use this checklist and browse our Dental Clinic Singapore directory to find the right one.

Step 1: Decide what kind of dentist you need

  • General dentists can offer a full range of treatments, from the regular prophylaxis or cleaning, to filling cavities, and even teeth whitening, bridges and veneers.  Everyone should have a dentist they see at least once a year
  • Endodontists specializes in the soft tissue and nerves inside the tooth, and can help with a particularly difficult root canal or other surgical procedures.
  • Orthodontists specialize in “macolcclusions” or “bad bites” caused by crowded, missing or extra teeth or misaligned jaws. They will straighten the teeth through braces, retainers and other corrective tools.
  • Pediatric dentists or pedodontists specialize in seeing children from age one to early adulthood. They are usually very good with children and have additional training on the needs and problems of developing teeth, physical growth, and child behavior.
  • Prosthodontists specialize in repairing or replacing missing teeth, and can create special dentures, ceramic or gold crowns, and dental implants. They can also work with patients who need dental reconstruction because of head and neck injuries or deformities.

 Step 2: Ask questions at your first consultation

It’s always best if you feel comfortable with your dentist, especially if you’re going for a major dental treatment. During your first consultation, you can ask the following:

  • How many cases have you handled that are a lot like mine? What happened? (Some dental clinic Singapore will allow you to see before and after photos of other patients — ask if it’s possible.)
  • What pain or discomfort can I expect? Will you be using any pain killers or anesthesia? Will I be awake, sleepy, unconscious? (This is a good time to inform your dentist if you have a low tolerance for pain or have any former trauma that will make you very anxious before and during the procedure.)
  • What do I do before the procedure for faster recovery?
  • What can I expect to feel after the procedure? Will I need to make adjustments to my diet or routine?
  • What are the risks to this procedure? Are there alternative courses of treatment?

Step 3: Gather dental clinic Singapore recommendations

They’ll be able to speak not just for the dentist’s expertise, but his demeanor and personality. For example, some dentists are very good with people who have fears of dental procedures. Others have what patients describe as a “light hand” that you barely notice their movement as they perform extractions or fillings. There are also clinics that have a very good reputation for teeth whitening or smile makeovers. Ask around – or read our features on different dental clinics here on A&B – to find your personal choice of dental clinic Singapore.

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