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Cellisys signature EGF anti-aging range

Cellisys signature EGF anti-aging range

CELLISYS is a skincare brand from Daewoong Pharmaceutical in Korea that uses innovative bio-technology to create its signature EGF products range. EGF is a protein within the skin that stimulates its epidermal and collagen regeneration. As we age, especially when we hit 29-years old, our EGF levels drop rapidly and this results in the formation of wrinkles. Using a patented technology, cellisys is said to be the first product in the world to use EGF that is identical to human EGF to speed up skin cell renewal to treat dry and aged skin.

Cellisys’ top selling products are its Cellisys Ampoule Injector, Cellisys EGF Intense Mask and Cellisys Activator touted to be your skin’s ultimate anti-ageing and hydration solution.

Cellisys Ampoule Injector

Enriched with EGF and other nutrients, this product activates cell turnover to keep skin smooth and fresh. It contains peptides for a brightening and whitening effect as well as hyaluronic acid to maintain skin’s moisture and elasticity. To be used as a booster after cleansing, twice daily.

Cellisys EGF Intense Mask

This is a hydrogel lifting mask that contains nano-sized EGF, hyaluronic acid and collagen to keep skin bright and taut. It also has tea tree extracts and chamomile to soothe irritated skin. Use once or twice a week for best results.

Cellisys Activator

Visibly reduces wrinkles in just 4 weeks by the combination of water soluble macromolecule and liquid crystal to stabilize EGF to transform dull and rough skin into smooth and younger-looking skin! Use one bottle a week.

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