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Body Sculpting & Contouring

Body Sculpting & Contouring

Utilizing a combination of stat of the art non-invasive, non-surgical, laser liposuction technologies, AMA Skincare’s Spectralean Accelerated Fat Removal protocol holistically removes your unwanted fat by tapping into your unique physiology. By engaging your own physiology unwanted pockets of fat are naturally removed.

Fat removal and body sculpting with laser liposuction can get rid of your Belly bulge, bra strap bulge, love handles, bat wings, saddle bags, double chin, mommy tummy, fatty pecs muffin top or fat neck.

The special good news is that the new non surgical laser liposuction technology we are working with is ten times stronger than the laser technology we had last year. These non surgical liposuction treatments are more effective than ever. Getting your fat cells to release that fat so your lymph can take it away and sculpt your body. In addition to releasing that fat and sculpting your body we also have additional non surgical laser liposuction treatments to kill those fat cells so the fat can’t come back and special new treatments that can tone up the underlying muscles and give you firm toned musculature to really give that sexy hard body feel. Some of you may not need that but those of you who want we can add those treatments on at the very same time.

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