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Balancing yin and yang with Sulwhasoo

Balancing yin and yang with Sulwhasoo


First Care Activating Serum EX is the No. 1 Sulwhasoo product and a good introduction for anyone new to the brand.



Carefully selected Asian medicinal herbs are the basis of this silky essence, which has won fans and awards in numerous countries all over the world.


The serum contains Sulwhasoo’s unique JAUM Balancing Complex™, made up of five precious ingredients that are meant to restore yin deficiency in the skin and to smooth and hydrate in order to bring back vitality, clarity, resilience and regeneration.

The five ingredients are…
Peony Flower: Addresses yin deficiency and soothes skin.

Rehmannia: Moisturizes, stimulates circulation and protects skin  from uneven tone and premature ageing.

Lotus Seed: Restores vitality, replenishes moisture and adds radiance.

Solomon’s Seal: Supplements yin energy and adds elasticity.

White Lily: Provides a calming and nourishing effect for body and mind.


Since its launch in 1997, the serum has continued to evolve and its newest formula is better than ever with the introduction of the PREXtract process™. This new technology boosts the amount and the efficacy of the five key ingredients, or the JAUM complex. This helps to improve the beneficial effects of the serum on the skin’s condition whilst allowing the skin to maintain its ideal pH balance.

First Care Activating Serum EX should be applied after cleansing but before all other products. The feel of the serum is light, non-greasy and easily absorbed into the skin to give you a nourished, fresh and revitalized face.


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