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5 Tips to Getting (and maintaining!) the Perfect Hair Colour

5 Tips to Getting (and maintaining!) the Perfect Hair Colour

The right hair colour can bring out the warmth in your cheeks, make your hair look thicker and trendier, and make you feel like a whole new person! But there’s more to getting a great dye than walking into a Singapore hair salon and saying, “I want it red.” Here’s how to get a great hair colour, every time.

Prep your hair

A day before your hair appointment, apply a deep-conditioning hair mask. Moisturized hair can help catch and hold pigment better, and can hold up better against the chemicals used during treatment. That’s also why some hair stylists recommend to skip shampooing the night before your salon booking. Your scalp’s natural oils will help protect your skin.

Describe the hair colour you want

Bring a few pictures and use our guide to hair colour terms so you can best explain what you want. Your hair stylist will find the closest shade, or may also recommend the best shade for your skin tone or some highlights that can flatter your features and frame your frame.

Consider the health of your hair

Very dramatic hair colour changes may require some bleaching to get closer to the shade you want, and upkeep may be expensive as your roots start to show. If your hair is damaged, and may be unable to take on much chemical processing, you may want to stay closer to your shade. This means any roots will be less noticeable, and you can grow out your hair and nurture it back to good health before your next hair colour appointment.

Invest in hair care products

Hair colour fades faster on dry, damaged hair. Since sun exposure and frequent shampooing can speed up that process, invest in a shampoo designed to lock in and preserve hair colour, and a conditioner that will help restore moisture and smooth strands.

Avoid overstyling your hair

The extreme heat and exposure of daily blowdrying and styling will also fade your hair colour and dry out your hair. If you really need to blowdry, avoid using the highest heat settings, and use a hair-protecting styling product. If your hair is very weak or brittle, you may want to get a wash-and-wear haircut. Many Singapore salons will have senior stylists who will study your hair texture and how it naturally falls when wet, then customize a cut that needs minimum blowdrying.

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